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  • Upgrade to CS6

    Hi everyone,
    I currently have CS5 and would like to upgrade to CS6,can anybody tell me if this is possible or if i would have to pay the full price for CS6,or is there not much difference between the two in which case i am just as well to stick with CS5 (extended).
    Many thanks,

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    Re: Upgrade to CS6

    Well, if you can find a standalone CS6 upgrade at a reasonable price, it's probably worth it. Instead of paying full price or using a cloud update I'd just pay the $20/month for CC. Don't uninstall CS5, though.
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      Re: Upgrade to CS6

      If you want CS6 you can still get it from Adobe (though they don't make it easy to find and load offers of CC to entice you away from it).

      In the following link click the "Buy" button (not the product link) and there will be dropdowns to give you the upgrade price)

      Enjoy the collection of creative desktop and mobile tools in Adobe Creative Cloud including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and more.

      CC is great until the day you really back off of doing photoshop work yet want access occasionally. Having a standalone backup such as CS6 is nice to have as it has been supported longer meaning it will work on more recent OS and hardware. Long term when CS6 is not longer supported by Adobe, at some point if you want to continue using it you will need to hang on to the hardware with associated OS with which it works.

      So at least you do have the option still today with CS6.


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        Re: Upgrade to CS6

        Many thanks for the advice.


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          Re: Upgrade to CS6

          Hi John,
          Very helpful linkl,i can download CS6 upgrade for $199,but,as i am in UK will i be able to upgrade?


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            Re: Upgrade to CS6

            Sorry Paul - I should have realized up front to consider the UK site. Here is the UK site link to the CS6 product purchase page just as the other US link so follow the same instructions on what to click on and use of drop down:

            I was a bit surprised how much more difficult it was to find this web page for the UK site as everything is redirected to CC at every turn


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