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  • File Association Editor (Open With)

    I'm looking for a Windows utility that can edit what shows up under Open With when you rightclick on a document. Something easier to use than the NirSoft app.
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    Re: File Association Editor (Open With)

    Have you given any of these a look at
    Add, edit, customize, clean up, remove right-click Context Menu items or entries in Windows 11/10 Explorer using Context Menu Editors & Regedit.


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      Re: File Association Editor (Open With)

      Good set of links there, thanks. But believe it or not, none of those do what I need.

      For example, rightclick on a PSD file and the Open With item will include Photoshop and maybe some others, with an option to choose a default program. I'm looking for a way to add specific programs to that list, not as the default, only for select filetypes. Preferably via picking from a list, not via navigating c:/Program Files
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        Re: File Association Editor (Open With)

        Doug, you can do that in Windows7 and Windows8. There are a number of ways to change file and application associations. For what you want to do and add all the apps you want to the list without making them default. Right click "Opens With" and if your program is not on the list select "Choose Default Program", browse to the application you want to add to the option list, BUT be sure to uncheck the little box in the bottom left corner that says "Always Use The Selected Program to Open This Kind of File". From then on, that program will appear under the Opens With context menu. More detailed info at the link below.

        Cheers, Murray


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          Re: File Association Editor (Open With)

          Yep, that will open with another program, but it doesn't add to the list for next time. Each time you'll have to do it all again.
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            Re: File Association Editor (Open With)

            Originally posted by Doug Nelson View Post
            Yep, that will open with another program, but it doesn't add to the list for next time. Each time you'll have to do it all again.
            That's weird because it works fine for Win 7 for me. For example I have a few new image editing programs which were not on the list. I right clicked on a TIFF and added those 3 programs to the list and now every time I right click on a TIFF those 3 programs appear in the Open With list of programs. HOWEVER, when I right click on a jpg, png, or bmp, those 3 programs do not appear in the list. It will be necessary for me to add those file types and programs one-time in order to make those associations. Once those associations are made once for a specific file type, those programs should always appear in the list. That is the way Windows is architected as far as file associations go and something is wrong with your system if it does not work. I am not aware of any 3rd party utility that will present to you the list of all programs when you right click on an icon.
            Cheers, Murray


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