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how to restore DWG file in AutoCad 2009?

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  • Photoshop Elements: how to restore DWG file in AutoCad 2009?

    how to restore DWG file in AutoCad 2009?
    Bakup didn't manage to be made. in temporary folders it isn't present. I tried by AutoCad program restore file. but autocad couldn't restore this file. Advise me still options, please!

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    Re: how to restore DWG file in AutoCad 2009?

    Which OS and version are you using?
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      Re: how to restore DWG file in AutoCad 2009?

      This is from the Atodesk site:
      You might have leftover .dwl or dwl2 files in the folder directory. These are two hidden files that have the same name as the .dwg file but with the extensions .dwl and .dwl2. In the Windows Control Panel, go to Folder Options. On the View tab, turn on the option to show hidden files. You can then go back to the folder directory and delete the .dwl and .dwl2 files if they are found alongside your DWG file. Attempt to open the DWG again.


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        Re: how to restore DWG file in AutoCad 2009?

        In the options AutoCad in the FILES tab, (the leftmost tab) there is a way to AutoSave. There AutoCad saves temporary files, usually with extension sv$ (unless otherwise specified). It is necessary to look for there. As a rule, if the files are there, then you can find them by date, and their volume can be seen, there is in them something, or they are empty. For opening it is necessary to rename simply them, having added the dwg expansion. Too most it is possible to make with files with the bak expansion. And else in autocad there is a command "recover". It allows you to open corrupted files.
        Or use the utility of DWG Recovery Kit for restore your damaged DWG FILE.
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