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    Lightroom CC launches today. Some new overlap with Photoshop. A couple of unique features. Up to 8000% faster if you have a good video card.

    Previously the question would have been "are you planning on buying it", but CC makes that question obsolete.

    So instead, are you impressed? Do you care?
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    Re: Lightroom CC

    I'd probably call it LR 5.5, based on updates of the past. I'm now playing with Face Recognitions, something I didn't think was so useful in the past but with little experience. I like how it was implemented as it builds upon the Keywords structure which I do use a lot.

    LR6 can now soft proof AND output CMYK which is useful.

    Seems a little faster, nothing so far that's rocked my world.

    The ability to brush away Gradient's will be useful, haven't tested it out but I've used Grad's in the past a lot and it was kind of an all or nothing affair. So any selective work one can do here is a good thing.


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