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WYSIWYG Displacement Map?

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  • Photoshop: WYSIWYG Displacement Map?

    The regular displacement map makes you work blind. Is there an add-on or other technique that lets you see what you're doing as you're doing it? Perhaps even live-editing the map?

    I'm wondering if there's something in the 3d toolset that would work.
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    Re: WYSIWYG Displacement Map?

    GIMP's displacement map filter is WYSIWYG Doug.


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      Re: WYSIWYG Displacement Map?

      I've been wanting to do a GIMP show for years, but could never someone qualified/willing to do one.
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      Take responsibility for learning


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        Re: WYSIWYG Displacement Map?

        I'm just still an amateur enthusiast Doug. I think the person you need to contact is Steve Czajka ( or Pat David (


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