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  • Lightroom: Lightroom CC GPU vs not experiments

    As I posted in the show thread, Steve Caplin sent me the raw files he used and we compared times for building the HDR preview and the final image. His time was 16s/8s, mine was 29s/8s. I big percentage change, to be sure, but 13 seconds isn't all that much time to get other work done.

    I have an old machine with an old video card that Lightroom CC doesn't recognize the GPU support for. Steve has a 1-year old Mac.

    But this got me wondering about getting you guys involved for some additional experiments.

    Do something in Lightroom CC with GPU acceleration turned on. Time it. Then delete it and turn off GPU acceleration in LRCC (you'll need to restart it). Then do the exact same thing (don't forget to turn GPU acceleration back on when you're done).

    Post your timing results here. Don't forget to include what it is you did, and what model vidcard you have (optional, other machine specs).

    The more adventuresome of you could post links to raw files so others could work from the same exact data (Steve's files were a bit lowrez).

    Have fun. Let's learn something!
    Doug Nelson
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    re: Lightroom CC GPU vs not experiments

    Steve gave me permission to upload the files from his show we used to compare times. They're pretty pedestrian, but you're welcome to download them if you'd like to compare using the exact files. It's a 50MB zip file.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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