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  • Verve.

    Someone at another forum shared this cool program with me. Painter I'm not, but it's ability to handle fluid dynamics and brush dynamics is the best that I've ever ran across. I'm no artist, so my forgiveness (see link below). All details are at link below. The program's a stand-alone (no installer) and is only 300K in size (no joke).

    Someone pointed this cool program out to me. It's only a little bigger then 300K (no joke; extremely small program) and it's self contained (no installer). Pretty powerful for such a small program. Won't run in XP though; works in Win8 nicely. Click youtube link below for details and link below for download links. Puts any brush program that I've ever ran across to shame. Sorry, but artist I'm not. lol :) Verve's site: Demo drawing:

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    Re: Verve.

    thanks, lyle


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      Re: Verve.

      Wait until you find out you can spin the canvas to create tie-dies Craig. lol

      Still amazed how small this program is. Some folks shortcuts are larger then this program. lol


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        Re: Verve.

        For those that haven't figured it out yet, below is a link to all the controls needed for Verge.


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        • lkroll
          For those who are even cheaper then me.
          by lkroll
          I preclude that I've not tried it yet. I just got the link from my Lockergnome newsletter. The program: Photobie

          Supposedly it can run PS plugins too. By the way, it's 100% free. May be a contender for replace Elements (or more). Just a heads up.

          11-01-2006, 07:06 AM
        • lkroll
          by lkroll
          A few months ago, I started playing with a cool program called Arcimbolder. Today someone on DPR's site pointed out a cool new Autopainter called DaPainter. I really was impressed with the quality; even better then Arcimbolder, so I went to Roman's website (Arcimbolder) and he actually linked Mediachances...
          04-16-2009, 09:47 PM
        • chris h
          Smartjpeg ?
          by chris h
          Has anybody heard of a program called ‘Smartjpeg’ or something very similar. It’s a file size reduction program that can reduce images in batches. I understand its an American product but no joy searching this end. Possibly the parent company has a different title.

          09-07-2001, 01:59 AM
        • DannyRaphael
          Program: NaturePainter
          by DannyRaphael
          Ran across a "painter" program today I'd not heard of before called NaturePainter. For more info click

          Opens/saves .bmp and .jpg files, but not Photoshop .psd. From what I could tell from the Web site, it has no built-in "filters" either, so no automated...
          05-24-2003, 09:17 PM
        • lkroll
          Content Aware Image Resizing.
          by lkroll
          Also known as Liquid Resize. Thought I would share you this site where you can download a standalone that currently implements part of this cool implementation of Dr. Ariel Shamir's algorithm that most, if not all, of you saw on YouTube (sorry; YouTube link wasn't working, so I had to link DPR's link...
          09-08-2007, 01:58 PM