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How to develop Python scripts for GIMP

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  • How to develop Python scripts for GIMP


    I have been studying the Python scripting library, and it seems to be very advanced and powerful, but unfortunately I haven't found good documentation for it, and I am pretty much flying blind with it.

    I have GIMP 2.8.14 on a Win7 pc.

    Does anybody has a link for the API or SDK? I have found this page ( but it seems to be a short introduction to GIMP+Python.

    What is the best way to develop scripts for GIMP? Right now I have to edit the script, save, open GIMP, test script, close, repeat... every time... Is there a way to unload a script?

    How can I see Python error messages? If something fails, GIMP just shows a 'invalid state' message, but I don't get the Python error message.

    Any help on this topic will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    Re: How to develop Python scripts for GIMP

    On Linux, a Python plug-in is reloaded each time it is used - so perhaps this is a Windows issue/bug.

    Some information regarding error messages:

    Also mentioned on that page is running "touch" on the file which updates the last-modified date so that the Gimp will know to reload it.


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      Re: How to develop Python scripts for GIMP

      Thanks joe!
      I didn't know the script was reloaded, so I was closing and opening GIMP after I edited the script!
      Your tip is a real time saver.!


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