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photoshop cc 2013 under w8.1 performance

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  • photoshop cc 2013 under w8.1 performance


    i have done a short test using gpu ,realtemp and other tools

    and i have notice cc 2013 under w8.1 does perform really great
    for example i added several adjustament layers dragging hue, levels and curve

    and the cpu and gpu consume it was always very low

    the same desktop with w7 sp1 64 and cs6 show that photoshop cs6 working on the same image , consume a lot of more cpu and gpu

    for example w8.1 cpu working with several layer is around 15-20% and gpu aroud 14% , w7 and cs6 the same taks is around 40-50% and gpu 30-40%

    does somebody test it ?
    is w8.1 that have a better kernel ? is better cc 2013 ?
    i have used the pc and the same photo

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