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  • Abstractive Curves @ GAOTD

    Very limited cool effects program. Just toying with it now. Having installed it on my Win10 yet (only my XP VM). Very quick and cool. Have no way to know if this one's malware (hence running in my VM), but I've been using programs from GAOTD since at least 2007 without issue (and lost many cool programs over the years has I upgraded PCs/OSs/ect. lol).

    AbstractCurves is an image generator which allows you to create stunning wallpapers / backgrounds or posters in any resolution, add effects or logos/watermarks to...
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    Re: Abstractive Curves @ GAOTD

    Thanks for the tip. I downloaded so I don't miss the deal but will wait for more comments before installing. Interesting that it can run as a Photoshop plugin.
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      Re: Abstractive Curves @ GAOTD

      Posted this at DPR's Retouch forum site too and a member there said he got this at another giveaway site several weeks ago and says it's pretty good. I've just installed it on my Win10 Host as well; no issue. Have to run as administrator of course (any OS from Win7 and above, you have to do so).

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