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Why font is different in the destination computer?

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  • Why font is different in the destination computer?

    A character type in Corel Draw as Open TNR font is shown on other computer as a chinese character. The source file CDR was exported as WMF and pasted into a word document.
    But I am afraid that haven't been clear enough posting my question.
    Here is the process:
    1. I did a picture in Corel Draw which has a piece of text like "20ºC" - font Times New Roman
    2. Exported the picture as WMF using option "Export Text as" - Text
    3. Paste the WMF into a word document
    4. The word doc was converted into a RTF and parsed with an application that uses TXT control software
    5. The final product is a file that runs with an engine compiled using Delphi
    6. So, the final user get (see jpg attached) "instead seeing "30ºC" and "15ºC" respectively
    I appreciate all you efforts to help me on this.
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    Re: Why font is different in the destination compu

    Does this happen if you run the entire process and open on your local machine (the one with Open TNR installed)?

    Have you tried using a system font?

    Have you tried outputting as PDF instead of WMF?
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      Re: Why font is different in the destination compu

      Answer is simple: the font installed under the same name is not the same font as on the other computer, or the font is not installed and computer figured out the most similar one(using atributes like serif-sans serif blod italic etc etc)...


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        Re: Why font is different in the destination compu

        Embedding fonts isn't fullproof. If it needs to look the same on any computer, use pdf. Otherwise you're at the mercy of the OS and whatever fonts are installed on it, as well as various quirks in file encodings that aren't seamless across different operating systems and OS revisions.

        The best cross platform method of setting up nice text documents is still LaTeX, but it's not the most friendly thing to learn.


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          Re: Why font is different in the destination compu

          If I understand you correctly everything is being imported correctly except for the "degree C", and what you are saying is when that is imported into word the"degree C" is converted into the little man (or weird character) correct??
          I have two thoughts on this.
          First, instead of exporting everything from Corel Draw can you not save that entire data set (What you have in the .Jpg) as an image, and then open Word and insert image from file?? If it is correct in Corel Draw and you can save it as an Image then when it is inserted into Word it will look correct, because Word can't change images (The text of them so to speak).
          Second, I presume that whatever data you are wanting to put this key with is in Word already. If this is the case can you not place the key where you want it and then place the cursor beside 30 and do the following....Hold down Alt and press 0176...(Make sure you use the 0176 on the Keypad not the KEYBOARD). Yes, there is a difference...release the Alt key and press space. You will now have your degree symbol and will only need to hit "C" to make 30 degrees Celsius. Repeat for 15. There are a large number of things that could be a factor, but here are a few...I presume that the thousands of machines you speak of all have the same OS and are all on the same SP (This includes the SP for both Word and Corel) correct?? Next you may want to try doing a repair on Office and see if the issue is resolved, and if not do a repair on Corel. Or try repair file via CDR Repair Kit. Hope this helps.


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            Re: Why font is different in the destination compu

            I solved my problem!!! Thank you all for your help!


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              Re: Why font is different in the destination compu

              So help out some future user with the same problem. What fixed it?
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