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FFT RGB Problem

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  • Photoshop: FFT RGB Problem

    Hi there,
    My name is Jim from Japan.
    Recently, I found this filter.
    Then, after installing, put it on the scanned file, looks different.
    I'm using CS5. Is there any mistake?
    open a file, run FFT filter.
    It look below this.

    How can I fix this problem.

    I have to be done by tomorrow night.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: FFT RGB Problem

    There is some error in your attachment - cannot be viewed

    If you follow the instructions Here very carefully all should work


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      Re: FFT RGB Problem

      Thank you for reply.
      And sorry for missing image.
      Here is new link below;

      From left:original
      Center: running FFT RGB
      Right:Channel Red

      When I set up FFT in Photoshop, I tested well. But this time, as you see, even when I run FFT over the scanned image, looks different from the sample on the site you provided. Then, check the Channel RED, it's just white. Can not see anything.

      I'm using Photoshop CS5 in Windows7.

      Thanks in advance.


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        Re: FFT RGB Problem

        Ahh, I see now and think I know what has happened. It looks like you have run into the size limitations with this FFT version. The limit was said to be around 4800x4800 pixels image although sometimes this can vary.

        You may want to try something like ImageJ that does not have the same limitation


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          Re: FFT RGB Problem

          Thank you for your reply.
          I've just tried as you mentioned. But first, looked it's working. It's familiar with Channel Red. But after runnning IFFT RGB, the result is awful like below;

          Does it mean I need to make more dots over the red channel?
          Output still shows the texture on image.

          Sorry for bothering you.


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            Re: FFT RGB Problem

            It is still wrong. The image after FFT/IFFT should be a normal looking grey scale image. Yours appears to be a reversal.

            What exactly is the image size in pixels?
            Have you tried ImageJ?

            This is how the image should appear working on red channel after painting all stars except centre prior to switching to RGB and applying FFT


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              Re: FFT RGB Problem

              thank you for your time.
              I can not show the image data here, would you mind sending its link to your PM?

              Thank you in advance.


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                Re: FFT RGB Problem

                Had the same issues you had with PS plugin FFT overall red cast then pure white for red channel. This must be due to pixel amount as a crop of the image allows FFT to work as example here

                Download ImageJ as this will work
                Attached Files


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                  Re: FFT RGB Problem

                  Thank you for your time. The image you posted are so awesome!
                  I've just download and install image-J.
                  After running FFT, put some dots, and what should I do next?
                  When I open the image and run FFT from process menu, new window opens automatically. Then put some dots and hit "inverse FFT". So, the result is just black out the pop-up window, not on the original image.
                  I found the stackexchange article on image-J. But still not working...
                  Do you know any site or article on how to use image-J.



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                    Re: FFT RGB Problem

                    it's me again. Finally, I found an article. Then, I did better result. It still shows the line.
                    Maybe need more blackout on channel window, I guess.

                    Thanks again. Appreciate your help.


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