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  • Plug-In: Nik Collection now totally free

    The entire suite of Nik plugins is now totally free for everyone. If you purchased it in 2016 you can get a full refund.

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    Re: Nik Collection now totally free

    Yeah I was reading that this morning. That's pretty amazing! Free is always good.



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      Re: Nik Collection now totally free

      For GIMP users, here's how to get the NIK plugins to work in the GIMP.

      First, you will need Shell Out.:

      Now add the following lines to the Shell Out python script:

      ["DFine 2", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Dfine 2\\Dfine 2 (64-Bit)\\Dfine2.exe\"", "png"],
      ["Sharpener Pro 3 pre-sharpener", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Sharpener Pro 3\\Sharpener Pro 3 (64-Bit)\\SHP3RPS.exe\"", "png"],
      ["Sharpener Pro 3", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Sharpener Pro 3\\Sharpener Pro 3 (64-Bit)\\SHP3OS.exe\"", "png"],
      ["Viveza 2", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Viveza 2\\Viveza 2 (64-Bit)\\Viveza 2.exe\"", "png"],
      ["Color Efex Pro 4", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Color Efex Pro 4\\Color Efex Pro 4 (64-Bit)\\Color Efex Pro 4.exe\"", "tif"],
      ["Analog Efex Pro 2", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Analog Efex Pro 2\\Analog Efex Pro 2 (64-Bit)\\Analog Efex Pro 2.exe\"", "tif"],
      ["HDR Efex Pro 2", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\HDR Efex Pro 2\\HDR Efex Pro 2 (64-Bit)\\HDR Efex Pro 2.exe\"", "tif"],
      ["Silver Efex Pro 2", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Silver Efex Pro 2\\Silver Efex Pro 2 (64-Bit)\\Silver Efex Pro 2.exe\"", "tif"],
      Note that the 4 stand-alone capable programs only accept jpeg inputs. You can export the result as TIFs if you really need to save lossless that processed layer. Jpeg, of course, will be sent back to the GIMP when you hit the save button. The other presets are not stand-alone and they can take PNG.
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