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Photoshop issue - shortcuts not always working

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  • Photoshop issue - shortcuts not always working

    I must occasional tap a key that causes my other hotkeys from working. If sound is on they you hear a 'ding' on every further key press.

    Sometimes I will still be in an opacity field or similar, so hitting enter exits that and I can continue tapping the keyboard.

    Wonder if anyone can share some common solutions to this problem, my colleagues haven't been able to shed light on this either.

    I can imagine this would cause photoshop rage for some people, I've come close!

    Currently PS CC 2015, but have had this problem for many releases.

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    Re: Photoshop issue - shortcuts not always working

    Was making me crazy on my PC and is the main reason I've been using a Mac ever since. I found that pressing the "enter" key often helped. It's just the way windows operates, making you confirm everything.


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      Re: Photoshop issue - shortcuts not always working

      A 'Ding' is heard when you have done something incorrectly or the application has lost focus.

      It is there as a warning and intended to be helpful in as much as when you hear it you know something is incorrect and needs attention (otherwise you just keep on pressing the bloody thing until you decide that you must become a Mac user ).

      In your case it seems that you may have some key combination that disturbs settings and causes loss of application focus hence the ding when you press a hotkey (and this will continue until you resolve the loss of focus).

      As an example if you press Alt then hit a key other than those underlined in the top menu e.g. File etc. - try hitting 'Z' and you will get a ding!

      It is possible to disable the sound warning (but not always wise !) in the Windows Control Panel or maybe look in the options in PS preferences for disabling sound


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        Re: Photoshop issue - shortcuts not always working

        IMHO they called it Windows for a good reason - it makes you want to throw the darn computer out through the window.

        Windows - makes your PC fly.


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