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Problem registering Joofa FFT PS plug-ing

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  • Plug-In: Problem registering Joofa FFT PS plug-ing

    Hello to all! Greetings from Spain.

    This is my first thread. Excuse me if my English isn’t the best.

    I recently download Joofa 64-bit FFT / IFFT plugin, Mac Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2015 (Mac OS 10.10+) from his website. I put all the files in their correct directories (Adobe Photoshop CS5.1\Plug-Ins\Filters\). The problem appears when I try to obtain my license with the When I wrote my name and my email and them I click on "done" button in the next step, I always obtain a little window with this message: Unable to talk to the server.

    My Mac OS X version is 10.11.4 El Capitan and I use Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1.

    I’d would like to know what’s the problem and how to fix it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Problem registering Joofa FFT PS plug-ing

    Hi Angel Emil

    Here is a link for the contact info to Dr Joofa. Probably best to contact directly. Just a suggestion.


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      Re: Problem registering Joofa FFT PS plug-ing

      I am having exactly the same problem, Unable to talk to the server. I wrote to the contact us link you suggest but I haven´t had any answer yet. This Joofa plug-in seems to be the one everyone recommends, or is there another option?

      Thank you! I would really appreciate your help. I have quite a few of old pics with texture I need to work on.


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        Re: Problem registering Joofa FFT PS plug-ing

        I've had this same exact problem.

        I downloaded Joofa's FFT PS plugin back in February and originally had no issues. When I originally downloaded the plugin, I was able to obtain the license by using the licensewizard included in the download and then register the plugin.

        Recently, I needed to put the plugin on a different computer and was unable to. Following the same steps as I did previously, I was given an "Unable to talk to the server" dialog box. I've tried to contact Joofa directly (through the form on his website and through his Yahoo account directly) but I've not heard back from him. I even tried my old registration key to no avail.
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          Re: Problem registering Joofa FFT PS plug-ing

          Anybody know any other FFT filters? I don't mind purchasing it, I just need it to work. I would appreciate the help!


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            Re: Problem registering Joofa FFT PS plug-ing

            Did anyone figure out a way to fix this problem or have any luck finding an alternative?


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              Re: Problem registering Joofa FFT PS plug-ing

              I had the same problem and I gave up.

              I've used "imageJ" instead which is a free and powerful software. You can download it from here:

              It has the same FFT tool and easy to use. I think you can find a tutorial in youtube as well.



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                Re: Problem registering Joofa FFT PS plug-ing

                Same problem here. The Joofa website is a black hole, as is the mail address [email protected]. The link to download the plugins is a dead link. Any comments sent to the website or the email address remain unanswered. Looks like the site has been given up.
                Would very much appreciate an alternative for this plugin as well. Each and every possible road to a Mac version is ultimately a dead end.


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                  Re: Problem registering Joofa FFT PS plug-ing

                  Hello Uneski,

                  From France,sorry for my english. I've followed uneski advise and downloaded "imageJ" on my Mac to remove scan pattern on an old photo using FFT. Everything works fine, I mean, I can open the software but can't acheive anything with FFT filter on imageJ.

                  Does anyone have a clue of how it works? Have'nt been able to fine anything relevant on youtube.

                  thanks in advance


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                    Re: Problem registering Joofa FFT PS plug-ing

                    This should help


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                      Re: Problem registering Joofa FFT PS plug-ing

                      Hello Tony W
                      Did not helped, just solved my problem.
                      Thanks a lot


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                        Re: Problem registering Joofa FFT PS plug-ing

                        This Joofa Tutorial video may help and there is a link there also for the Joofa plugin
                        Remember to get the original color back set your FFT layer to luminosity - or - add a new layer with the Original and set the blend mode to color .

                        Sorry about this.... the site, plugin, or support are no longer available. They seem to be dead in the water because not enough people supported them with payments.
                        Joofa-Info, " Current Status
                        After providing free plugin support for several years, unfortunately, we had to discontinue the support. Development, support, and hosting these plugins incur cost. If there is sufficient interest in the plugins then they may be available again. "


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