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Rezing up an image for large print

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  • Rezing up an image for large print

    Hi! I have a 2 part question.

    1. I recently made a super rookie mistake and did a shoot with my camera set to sraw (Canon's "small raw"). And while this is still raw, and perfectly fine resolution for normal output, I had planned on doing 16x20 prints. (I also missed out on the amazing detail I could have gotten in my models skin and hair, but I'm trying not to think about that).

    I use Perfect Resize to rez up images generally for billboards and large-scale printing in advertising, but I've never used it for photographic printing. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with other programs? I'm interested in checking out whatever might work best. And maybe its Perfect Resize (Genuine Fractal) but I really don't know of anything else, other than the old school method of using Photoshop.

    2. Workflow for sharpening and editing: should I be doing all sharpening and editing on my rez'd up image? In the past, I've saved rezing up for last as I don't want to be working on massive files. But in this instance, maybe I should be editing and sharpening on my highest resolution image? (I plan on adding in individual eyelashes and skin texture to help bring back some sharpness).

    So, to sum up my question: I need recommendations on programs for rezing up and then recommendations for workflow on editing and sharpening an image that will need to be resed up.

    Thanks in advance!

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