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many layer , some sliders are sluggish,help

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  • Photoshop: many layer , some sliders are sluggish,help

    i have loaded an image and created adjustament layers

    you can see in the screenshot after i converted in black and white with a gradient map 1 , some luminocity masks and i started to play with the sliders black & white adjustament layer set to luminocity or selective color , and the slider are sluggish , i mean slow to refresh the change of the image

    i tried cs5 ,cs6 ,cc2014 and cc2015

    can somebody try and confirm or not? please
    there is the screenshot here

    i have loaded the photo , create very fast several adjustament layer , convert to black and white with gradient map 1 , play with some dodje&burn , and after i go to black & white layer 1 or selective 1 and play the sliders moving left and right , i found a slugghish response in the refresh the image ,in short i tried to use the black & white layer 1 (set to luminocity ) to brighten or darken some color

    i tried different preferences , gpu to basic -normal or advanged , increasing cache ,but without any different , cache tile 1024k

    the weird thing is that i save to psd , and when i open the psd all the the sliders are fast response

    can you please test it ? load an image add many adjustement laywers like mine , convert , some mask up , and go in the first adjustement laywer and play with color selective or black and white (luminocity)

    thanks in advances

    ps i used a monitor resolution about 1920x1080 and fit to screen (the image)
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    Re: many layer , some sliders are sluggish,help

    It's not that many layers. Looks like you don't have enough RAM, and your scratch disk is slow.


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      Re: many layer , some sliders are sluggish,help

      Originally posted by skoobey View Post
      It's not that many layers. Looks like you don't have enough RAM, and your scratch disk is slow.
      have you tried it ?
      i have on one machine 32gb and 64gb on the other machine , and photoshop is consuming 800mb only
      several ssd , only 1 hard disk
      i have added all the layer very fast , adding adjustmament layers , masks very fast ,just a test ...

      can you try it ?

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