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  • Review: A easy photo editing software

    Hi everybody,

    I'm new here, I'm not a pro photographer but I take photo because it is my way to empty my spirit. And I'm just a beginner in taking photo.

    So after seen an ad on facebook about a software called "photo clip" I wonder if , fist this one is good. Or if you have any advice about an easy software to use. I thought photoshop might be to hard for me to handle it.


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    Re: A easy photo editing software

    I've never heard of it before, but it has horrible reviews. I'd stay far away from it.
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      Re: A easy photo editing software

      I recommend starting of with Lightroom.


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        Re: A easy photo editing software

        Most photo editing packages have a steep learning curve including Lightroom (although it is an excellent program).

        At this time as you are just starting perhaps something simpler and free until you decide how serious you want to get.

        Have a look at these and try them out - note the Serif one may not be available


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          Re: A easy photo editing software

          I second that. Great list Tony.


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            Re: A easy photo editing software

            Google Chrome has a free photo editor called Polarr -


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              Re: A easy photo editing software

              thanks everybody I will check out

              Thanks Tony I quiet like this list.
              I was lost they are so much of photo software like inpixio


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