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PS Action Help (saving to two or more folders)

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  • PS Action Help (saving to two or more folders)


    I'm trying to create an action that would allow me to prepare images for the web.
    I have a droplet that works well, but the action I used to create was lost when my computer crashed and I have no way of editing it. It's been so long I can't remember how I created it and I need to update it.
    I need the action to take an image and resize to a .gif thumb and save it to a thumbs folder, another to resize the jpeg, sharpen etc. and save to a preview folder and another to add a watermarking action to the same .jpeg but save it to a preview watermarked folder. So I'll have three images created from the original.
    Is this possible with PS?
    I tried doing it using "revert" image and it does the thumb but hangs on the jpeg.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

    Rob Sorbo

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    Hey Rob,

    Welcome to RetouchPro! I did a quick example action which I attached. When you do the resizing step, make sure you always save as percentages not pixels, otherwise it won't work. for saving the three images, it's a good idea to record Image>Duplicate for each version you're saving (Gif and both Jpeg's), as that's what may be hanging you up. Also, you'll probably want to write the watermark action into this one, as I'm not sure if you can set an action to use another action at the same time it's running, which is another possible cause for hanging. hope this helps you out!

    - David
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      Thanks David!
      I downloaded your example but it saved as attachment.php.
      I tried changing it to "web save.atn" but it wouldn't load in PS7.
      Thanks for your help.



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        Hi Rob:

        Let me add my welcome to RetouchPRO from just a few miles up I-90 in North Bend. Nice sunny day we're having today, huh?

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          Hi Danny:

          We're practically neighbors!
          Great weather...!!
          Thanks for your shortly.



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            Hey again Rob,
            you wouldn't happen to be using Opera as a browser would you? if so, I had the same problem when downloading photos and other files from the forums, if you try using another browser like IE or Netscape (or updating to Opera 7) then it should work ok.



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              Hi David:

              No, I'm using Explorer 5 on a Mac.
              Danny sent me the file and I'll play around with it today.
              Thanks again.