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  • Fujifilm RAF file converter

    This is my first post as I have just joined Retouch Pro.

    I am a Canon user, 5DMIII and 7D11. I am travelling in Europe at present and bought the Fujifilm X-T2 just before we left home as the Canon equipment was just to heavy to carry while travelling.

    I use CS6 and LR6 as I do not want to subscribe to the Cloud versions.

    These to programmes do not recognise the Fujifilm RAF RAW files.

    I would be grateful to receive any advice as to what RAW converter I could use for the RAF files. I have looked at Iridient but it is very slow on my 2012 MacBook Pro, running OS 10.8.5

    Many thanks

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    Re: Fujifilm RAF file converter

    Photoshop and Lightroom can read RAF files natively. Even without subscribing you should be able to check for updates. You can also use Adobe DNG converter, which is completely free. The Mac also natively supports RAF reading as of Sierra.
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      Re: Fujifilm RAF file converter

      Many thanks for your response, Dough.

      I have not upgraded to Sierra and am still using Mountain Lion. I understand if I upgrade to Sierra I will lose the functionalities of Photoshop CS 6 and LR6 as well as NIK. This means I will have to go on the subscription model, which I do not want to do.

      I realise I eventually will have to upgrade my operating system. I tried the RAF files in Affinity Photo but it is extremely slow in loading the RAF files and the highlight and dark area processing of Affinity I believe is still not up to scratch.

      Where are the days when I shot a reel of film, developed it in my dark room and printed black and white postcard size images which I sold to me friends at school!!


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        Re: Fujifilm RAF file converter

        Easy; look into Iridient Developer!


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          Re: Fujifilm RAF file converter

          Many thanks, Andrew.

          I have downloaded Iridient Developer ver 3.1.4.

          Is it different from Iridient X-Transformer beta ver 4?

          Many thanks


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            Re: Fujifilm RAF file converter

            Originally posted by Gerican View Post
            Many thanks, Andrew.

            I have downloaded Iridient Developer ver 3.1.4.

            Is it different from Iridient X-Transformer beta ver 4?

            Many thanks
            I think X-Transformer, which you might want to check out, is specific to Fuji files.


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              This issue will no doubt come up again....

              i recommend Capture One. It does a superior job on Fuji files out of the box (download the trial, open your files and compare). The program is leagues ahead of LR in power. The advanced photo editor tool alone is something special. the algorithms used for the adjustments are superb. Take an overexposed image and do your best to recover it in LR (or whatever) and then use the highlight recovery slider in C1. Or the shadow recovery slider to bring up underexposed areas. Compare it to the best you can do with your current tool.


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