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    Has anyone any experience with the plugins from Pictographics, specifically iCorrect editlab? Any opinions? Is this just an easier method of doing what I can normally do in PS? I am not a super user of photoshop and I was wondering if this product is really worth the price or should I just continue to learn in photoshop?

    Thanks for any opinions or suggestions.


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    Alan, I hadn't tried it, but I downloaded the demo and gave it a spin just to see how it would work. I didn't download the manual, so I may not have been doing everything correctly, but then I figure that's part of the test of software -- can it be used "intuitively", or does it require a big learning curve?

    I tried it on a few of the more difficult recent colorcast images submitted here, as well as a couple from the software's website -- it certainly can cure some difficult colorcasts, i.e. comparison below between EditLab correction and correction by PStewart of the "red" child --Partial color cast.

    It appeared to me, however, that the results were variable -- if I did the same image more than once -- I'd get different results. That happens with PShop's tools also, but it seems to me it is better to spend the time to learn PShop's tools (Levels, Curves, etc.) since you will probably still have to work on the image after using EditLab. If it was an inexpensive plug-in, it would certainly be worth adding to the toolchest. I think it would be worth adding to the toolchest if you can afford it at the current price -- but NOT in place of learning PShop. I think it would fix some images, but leave others still needing some editing -- which you still would need to learn to do. My opinion.

    Also, I think the "skin" tone correction doesn't allow for the diversity of skin tones in people -- that might be something that the software's documentation addresses (which I didn't bother reading).
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      If you learn edit lab, it does a great job, but so does PS. Icorrect, I find is much better that ps auto color. But I rarely am totally safisfied with the results, and I tweak. For someone after a quick fix, they are fine products and great to give you a starting point. There is a learning curve, like with everything else, but I think you have more control in ps.


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        C.J. and Debbie, thanks for the input, I am going to play with the demo some more and see what I can do in PS to match it.



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