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What features would you like Photoshop to incorporate in their next revision?

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  • What features would you like Photoshop to incorporate in their next revision?

    With all the things Photshop is capable of, there must be some things you have wanted or needed to do but didn't have the capability in Photoshop. What are some new features you would like to be able to tell Adobe to add for the next revision?

    My favorite addition would be to add a feature that allows better support of the graphic pen features. Since I don't have Photoshop 6 just yet I can only hope that is an addition but I don't recall hearing about it.

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    Well I'll probably not be around to see it, but I would like to be able to change the color of the brush cursors. We have probably all seen times when we were working on a particular area, and the cursor (I think that's the proper name) seems to get lost. If you could make the cursor an easy to see color, that would make things a little easier.



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      Interestingly, I just read something about that...seems PS uses a continuously-changing contrast scheme for cursor coloration. They admit in the midtones it can be a bit hard to see, but evidently the Mac version has less of a problem here than the Windows version.
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        Full support of 16 bit images,advanced merge feature like Photopaint, panorama merging capability, advanced morphing. Tom


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          Yes, I would love to see 16bit images fully supported and merging of similar softwares. Good one especially after this latest restoration challenge.

          And Ed, the brush contrast is another good one. I hate it when I have to jiggle the pen to get the cursor to show itself.

          You know if we get enough real good ideas maybe we could send them off to Adobe. Couldn't hurt.