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  • Thinking of Switching to PS

    I have resisted this for a while but I'm thinking of switching to PS from PSP (one reason is so that i can save time on forums by typing 2 letters instead of 3).
    I really am very very hesitant about shelling out $600 which is more than my camera cost. So....

    What I really need to know at this time is: how different elements is from the full program. Is it basically the same except for some really advanced abilities, or is it fundamentally inferior to ps?

    And, secondly, (hopefully someone here has made the switch)
    Do you think I'll be able to transfer a lot of my learning from psp to ps or elements, or will i have to go through the steep(really should be called flat) learning curve of someone just starting ps or elements?

    I couldn't find a chart listing the differences between elements and ps but perhaps someone knows where i can find one.

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    I can't believe I even posted this and am considering switching, am I crazy?
    My wife is going to kill me.


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      If you bought a scanner, printer or digi-cam recently, you probably have the full version of Elements on the install disk - give it a whirl before you shell out cash for anything new.

      - or -

      go to Adobe's tryout downloads page and download PS or Elements and give them a try.

      Adobe provides everything you need to design and deliver exceptional digital experiences. View a complete list of our products and services.

      People here will answer your questions and get you started....

      Good luck,


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        If you can use the educational version of Photoshop that is pretty easy to pick up for around $300.00 As far as I know it is the full featured version but has some restrictions on use in a profit making endeavor. Who the hell ever makes a profit anyway


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          With my purchase of canon g3 they included ps limited edition, which is supposed to be very limited.

          My wife is a teacher, looks like i can get the ps7 alone for about $275 from the gradware link you posted.

          Wow thanks for the great tips.

          Think maybe I'll go ahead and buy it.


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            I'm going to start a new thread on this, just to get some more opinions on whether or not I really should switch. I hope no one is offended by this.


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              STOP THE PRESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Just ordered ps7 from Gradware for $279 with edu discount (my wife is a teacher.

              You will be seeing me again.

              ps I fully expect ps8 to be announced any minute now.


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                there's a thread here about the upcoming PS version 8.

                - David


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