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  • I've got a virus!

    A virus slipped through tonight in my e-mail. The sender is [email protected], and the subject is Re: Sample. Since I know nothing about this stuff, I'll give you some info, in hopes you can give me some advice. I'm running AVG virus protection v. 6.0.445/virus database: 250-release date 1/21/03. AVG tells me: Virus found in the attached files. The attached file Document003.pif is infected by I-worm/Sobig. The attachment was moved to the virus vault. What does this mean, and what can I do?


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    Sorry to hear that Ed. I have Norton and when it finds infected material it fixes it or isolates it. That is probably what yours has done since it picked up on it. I'm not an authority here as you know so maybe others can give you more indepth info. Good luck and thanks for letting us know what to look for.


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      Ed, according to what I found on the following website, your computer is now protected from the virus, but the file is not deleted yet in case it is a file with irreplaceable information that you might need. (How you can get the info out of the file without setting off the virus is hopefully explained somewhere in your program also. But at least your computer is now safe.

      "All viruses that can be removed from infected files by healing, will be removed. ...

      AVG Virus Vault

      Infected files, which cannot be healed, represent a dangerous source of virus infection and must be deleted. But what can you do if you suddenly realize that the deleted file contains something very important - like documents containing your will, for example.

      AVG offers you a unique feature - the AVG Virus vault.

      The AVG Virus Vault is a special directory where the deleted files are stored for a defined period of time. They are encrypted so viruses cannot spread from them. But if you will find you really need a file you deleted several days before, you can go to the AVG Virus Vault and restore it."

      AVG virus vault


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        Thank you...Thank you...Thank you! This was going to be one night when I wouldn't sleep at all.



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          Ed, I know the terrible feeling of having a virus crawling around inside your computer somewhere. I received an email from a member of a committee that I work on, only to find that the email was really sent by an infected computer and contained a "worm" - my anti-virus software "sounded off", but I'd never had a virus/worm attack before and I wasn't sure what to tell it to do. Then after I'd told it to delete it, I wasn't sure if it was totally safe. After a little while, when I saw that everything was working okay, and that no one was getting emails "sent by me", I relaxed and thanked my anti-virus program.

          But what were you doing opening an email from "boss" -- your WIFE doesn't need to send you email!


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            I usually scan with mailwasher and delete any unsolicited attachments, or even unsolicited mail without reading it.

            The other day I had outlookexpress open as I was reading a email list digest - so this mail slipped past my first line of defense due to bad timing and not having my prefs setup not to grab mail now that mailwasher is there. Lesson learned. That sender is now blacklisted, for what good it will do.

            My virus software did pick this up and moved the file to a safe folder, which I then deleted without a second thought.

            I have also upgradeded and enabled the security option of outlookexpress6 so that attachments are locked until I decide to do something about them.

            Stephen Marsh.


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              poor knowledge of virus

              I had 2, one was a virus, which i was told just infects a particular part of your computer.
              But, then I also had a "worm" which is not a virus but something that slowly "worms" it way throughout your computer files especially your mailbox, going to everyone that sends or receives mail from you.
              I had to take my computer in and have the hard drive "wiped" clean which cost $75. The problem was everything is taken off your computer so I lost all my email address, favorites, stuff like that which was a bummer and then a hassle putting all my programs back on.
              I would call somewhere and see if someone could help you, i am sure you can do it yourself if you know how, I was told it isn't wise to just try and delete the infected part, especially when it is a worm because you do not know where else it has gone.
              I got both of mine from holliday cards friends had sent me, one from blue mountain and the other from hallmark card attachment. I never open them up now, I never open up any attachment unless I really know the person, and I try to send my stuff in an email, like pics, not as an attachment. It is my understanding that it has to be an exe file that you open to get it, like a downloaded file somebody sends you.
              Hope it it minor for your sake but don't fear, it won't ruin your computer just hassle it in having to correct everything.


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                Most email lists ban discussion of virius issues due to hoaxes and misinformtion etc. But some good user tips can be gained too (like any info on the net, verify with a few random sources etc).

                It is usually a good idea to see what the big commercial players have to say on virus warnings:

                Try one of our new McAfee+ plans and get online protection today!

                It is not only exe files, there are vbs and scr and others to watch out for (ensure your settings let you see filename extensions!).

                Doing a search for tips on virus protection and smart surfing show some excellent advice.

                Stephen Marsh.


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                  Originally posted by CJ Swartz
                  But what were you doing opening an email from "boss" -- your WIFE doesn't need to send you email!
                  There are times when she wants the last word!!

                  I almost *always* use Mail Washer, but I was getting ready to go to bed, and I just didn't do it this time. Lesson learned! Thanks for all the replies, and the links.



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                    Ed, if you didn't actually open the attachment first, just the email, your computer is probably safe. But run a virus scan on the system to ease your mind. You can delete the file safely it won't contain any important info for you since it was not your file.
                    Rest easy.


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                      Thanks Debbie. I think I'm pretty safe. AVG found it immediately, and sent it into limbo. I'm kind of at a loss as to how my e-mail address became available, since I'm pretty careful with it.



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