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iPhoto question for the Mac folks

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  • iPhoto question for the Mac folks

    Does anyone use iPhoto??

    I've been using it to catalogue my photos and I'm wondering if I can have another "library" I'd like to have separate libraries for work and family and so on.

    I've grouped them into albums within the library, but with 1000+ photos already, it's getting pretty sluggish - I can't wait until it really fills up

    Thanks, Margaret

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    I use iPhoto and I have had my own problems with it, like how can I change the default to save to my second harddrive that has 40g. I am still looking for these answers. If I find out anything I will ge glad to share the imformation. The apple site does not seem very helpful. I think there is a book out there - iPhoto for dummies or something similar to that. I'll check and get back to you.


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      The Apple ColorSync Users list had lots of posts from unhappy colour management folk about a string of issues they had, but that is the only talk I have seen on graphics lists.

      Perhaps a web search will turn up something...

      Stephen Marsh.


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        Hi Anthony, After I posted my question, I did some more searching and came across
        "iPhoto Library Manager"

        The link is to Brian Webster's home page - the library manager is under "Mac Stuff"

        It's freeware and works well. It lets you have as many libraries as you want - where you want - but to switch between libraries, you have to quit iPhoto, switch, and then start again - I think he includes an AppleScript to do the stopping and starting. One limitation is still that you can't move images between libraries.

        The problem I was trying to solve is that my digital camera names images "DCP_nnnn" and I found out from bitter experience that it's best to stick with the camera name. Unfortunately, when looking for a particular image, it means opening hundreds of images in PS before you find the one you're looking for.

        Photoshop Elements to the rescue. PSElements has a feature that lets you browse a folder of images and view thumbnails of the contents. You can't manage the images (move them etc.) but at least you can see them without opening every one.

        I only have a free (Classic v 1) of PSE that came with a printer or something, I don't know what the commercial version offers. Another bonus for me is that PSE plays nicely in Classic whereas Photoshop 6 drags performance into the gutter.

        Hope this helps, Margaret


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          Thank you for all that info. I just downloaded it and will try it myself. Here is another site that I found very helpful, it also explains how to create new libraries. It also explains how to search through libraries and albums for your images. I hope you find it as informative as I have.

          Also, the book I mentioned is called "The Missing Manual" for iPhoto by david Pogue.



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