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  • Mac OSX users rejoice...

    I just found a "feature" in OSX Jaguar that has me jumping for joy.....

    It has always irked me that there was no easy way to see which of those hundreds of digital camera dump or scanned images was the one I wanted without opening it in PS or something first.

    Well I just discovered that in the finder, open the folder containing images, set the view to icons, select view menu, show view options, and set click on show icon preview. It takes a few seconds but the icons will all change from the generic whatever to a thumb of the image.

    A real time saver if you're trying to sort hundreds of old scanned images or digicam images.

    Ok so I'm probably the last person to learn about this, but why didn't someone tell me


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    and did you know that you can adjust the size too?

    Don't you just LOVE your MAC?


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      I certainly my Mac.

      I've spent the afternoon weeding out dups and trips of images and regained several gigs of space in the process.



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