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xp config and problems

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  • xp config and problems

    Hi all,
    I came across this link and thought it might be of interest and help to many of you running xp. One day I too shall be there, but for now I will pass the site on to you all. It looks pretty helpful for smoothing/stablizing some systems. Hope it helps
    “Four Oh Four” To My Dedicated Reader, The page you were looking for is currently not found on this website. This could be an error…

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    I've been wanting to start a similar thread to Ed's, but with a slightly different twist. It seems like most people who have XP got it with a new machine. I don't have a need for a new machine, but am considering upgrading from Windows 98 to XP (esp. since 98 is starting to act weird again and it...
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    Any problems running PS6+PS7 on Win XP
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    Windows XP
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    New Computer W/xp Problems
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    So far I have found that when cropping, the crop lines jump large spaces during adjustment, when I click the print command,...
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    Service Pack II help??
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    ok, i had to install service pack 2 for xp so that i could install my new software and hardware. after about four hours and many headaches and one restore point and a re-do, i got it installed. but, now my computer is slower than, well... me doing a photo restoration. i've been turning off services...
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