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  • Stock Backdrops?

    Lots of stock photos on the web and elsewhere, but I have yet to find stock photos of backdrops. By "backdrops" I mean the kind photographers use such a draped cloth, usually in a strong but grayed color. There is also what looks like a black canvas backdrop that has some lighter areas in it. The book PS7 Down and Dirty Tricks shows how to make this last one, but I've never been able to do it right.

    So does anyone know where to get photos of photographer's backdrops without anything in front of it. A large size with decent resolution could be sized for use with many photos.

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    I don't know where you could get stock photos of backdrops, but if you have a digital camera, have you thought of going to a photographer and asking if you could photograph his backdrop?

    That's what I did when we were trying to get everyone on the same background for the church directory. Some people couldn't come to the sittings, and gave me photos, which I put on the backdrop.



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      I finally found some. I was not searching in a good way before.

      And now I also think I remember some kind of backgrounds on the Draw CD or the Corel ClipArt collection.


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        Virtual/Digital Backdrops

        Does any one know of (besides the few that Owens have) a place to purchase the fantasy/ handpainted childrens theme painted looking toadstool, forrest and fairy type of look, or you might say the "Thomas Kinkade" painted look type of backdrop?

        I am also looking for wings to add to the library...any help gang?




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          i would think a google image search of 'fantasy', 'wings', 'forest', 'toadstool' and 'thomas kinkade' and other similars would turn up something.

          and we have a library?



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            Originally posted by Kraellin
            ...and we have a library?
            Don't know which library Jill is referring to, but RetouchPro has an Archive
            where you may upload your own images for others to practice on (or steal parts from).

   or under the top menu -- Archive.

            When I did a search for "wings" in RetouchPRO, all I found was a recipe for hot wings by Vikki -- something about "evil", "deep fried", "rolled in butter", and "Frank's Hot Sauce"... ?!

            A search in Google for "digtal wings" brought up these tutorials for creating wings (as a start) --

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              Look at this web site, they provide studio like backdrops.



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                In the Links > Misc section of this site, I found


                ON THE INTERNET"


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