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  • Image storing/organizing software?

    I'm rapidly becoming overwhelmed by all the images I'm creating. Can someone recommend a program that will help me organize them?

    I'm using a MAC and Jaguar.


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    I'm also using a Mac and Jaguar - don't make the same mistake I did. I used iPhoto and sorted everything - looked good but iPhoto gets bogged down. You can create new libraries, but you have to rename the libraries so you can see them in iphoto and you can only have one active library at a time - in other words, you can't move a photo from one library to another.

    I gave up on iPhoto. I tried several other similar apps, but they all got bogged down after a certain point - I have 100's of images and I'm sure you do too.

    Then I discovered that you can make Jaguar display the photo as an icon in the finder. View>Show View Options click on
    Show Icon Preview. Once I was dealing with actual images instead of rows of dcp_000123.jpg, I could sort them quite efficiently.

    Now here's where I ran into a problem. In iPhoto, you can sort a library into albums. When you look at the album list in the finder, it looks like it's the real image, but it's only an alias - I ended up saving the aliases, and deleting the real thing.

    For work I do for customers, I make folders named yyyymm, (200303 - for March, 2003), inside there, are folders named yyyymmdd (20030316 - for today) inside each day each job gets it's own folder with a "-n" where "n" is the number of the job for that day. Inside the month folder, I keep a text file with a brief description of each job and if you use TextEdit, you can even paste a scaled down copy of the image. At the end of the month, I burn that month's folder to a cd, but I keep a copy of the text file on the hard drive. When I make up the customer bill, I reference the job number eg 20030316-1 so I can always find it again. It's a bit tedious looking through the text files to find the one I'm looking for, but it beats going through dozens of cd's. The yyyymmdd naming format means the folders will always be sorted properly.

    Hope this helps, margaret


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      Thanks for the info.

      I've heard some fantastic reviews about Adobe's new cataloging software, but alas, it is for Windows only.


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        Hi, I am just starting to research this same thing, here are the programs I have come across so far;

        This was recommended at a seminar, it is mac - windows version due in a couple of weeks.
        iView at

        ACDSee at - it saves thumbnails of all your images so that you don't have to open the cd

        BeezeBrowser at

        Thumbs Plus at

        Extensis Portfolio at - this looks like a professional level program

        It is a lot of work to compare the programs so ...

        Thanks, Roger


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          Right under my nose all the time!

          I checked out the iview site, and something about it looked familiar.

          I got it bundled with Toast that I got over a year ago!

          I played around with it a little bit and was quite impressed, so I took advantage of the 1/2 price offer by already have the earlier version and purchased the latest version.

          One of the things I like about it most is being able to catalog my fonts.

          I highly recommend checking it out. Particularly if you're using a MAC.


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            Get the Best

            Greetings to one and all:

            As roger wrote, I highly recommend Extensis Portfolio 6. This program is powerful and worth every penny. You should be able to find it for $100 - $180. Go to and download a trial version first. Then go through the manual to archive your own images. You won't be disappointed.



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              Hi, I am still looking around and I just found a program that I want to add to this list. It looks amazing in it's flexibility and user adjustable open programing. It is iMatch at for only $50.

              I downloaded the trial version along with many of the others and made a list of my "important needs" so I wouldn't go dizzy with all the different things that these programs can do and loose my focus. I will report back if I find in surprising differences.



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                Interesting Roger. Just this morning I saw a post on the filmscanners list that mentioned iMatch as a favorite of the poster. I will definitely be looking into this (though probably not right away.) I'd certainly be interested in any feedback you have. (Perhaps you could add your thoughts to the review section here on RP?) My CD collection of backed-up images is quickly growing out of control.



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                  Well Jeanie put my name on that list of "image storage out of control." Thanks for the tip Roger, I am looking also. I don't know about you guys but I am having problems with XP Pro when I have a directory with a large number of images in it. It's not a new problem because I had trouble with Win2000 Pro also. I normally like to fill up a CD before burning, to save money I guess, but I am going to have to learn to not put too many files on one CD.

                  Anyway I have 22 Archive CD's full of images and I am also archiving customer data to CD. I need some organization!

                  I am thinking about buying a DVD-R/RW drive so I can cut down on the volume of CD's. I wonder what XP will do if I show it a DVD full of images?

                  I know what the problem is, it is thumbs.db, which I can live without in Explorer. The problem is that I like using Photoshop 7 "file browser" and it must pass the I/O off to XP because it goes off into never never land just like Explorer does when I try to view files as thumbnails. I guess I am exceeding the limitations of this feature which is another reason I need an image managment program.


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                    Anyway I have 22 Archive CD's full of images and I am also archiving customer data to CD. I need some organization!

                    Only 22?!? I'm sorry, but you're relegated to the bottom of the "image storage out of control" list. I've got well over 100 archive CDs! And keeping track of them in my brain is taking too many of the precious few brain waves I've got left working.



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                      No wonder you are stressed!. I hope to be organized before I get that many images. I do spend a lot of time looking for images when I want something specific. "Now where did I see a picture like that before. I wonder which CD it will be on?"

                      Anyone tried Adobe's Photo Album?


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                        Luckily, my CD's usually don't have too many files on them since I save my full-size PSD files with all of the layers. That can make for some pretty big files - and it doesn't take many to fill up a CD.

                        One of my other "organizational issues" is all of my "film-based" images! I've got over 2000 slides and at least as many prints/negatives (not all worth keeping - that's yet another aspect of my getting organized) - in addition to all of the archive CDs. The prints/negatives are the ones that really should be organized first b/c I truly have no idea what I even have - and even if I have an idea, it's too much work to find what I'm looking for. I haven't looked closely at iMatch to see if it will let me organize the "physical" images as well as the digital ones.

                        One thing I did just purchase is a Case Logic CD Storage Library. I was visiting with a graphic designer friend and when he needed a CD, he just pulled out a drawer and flipped through his CD's like looking for a folder in a filing cabinet. It holds up to 200 CDs - and access will be a lot faster than searching through my current storage solution - a couple of 50 CD spindles and a 224 CD binder! Of course, it doesn't necessarily help with organization, so I still need a database of some sort. But I think it will be a good step forward for me!



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                          Hmmm - just rereading my post and realize that two 50 CD spindles and a 224 binder add up to a lot more than 100 CDs! Just to clarify, the CD spindles are not full - and a LOT of the CDs are from system backups, which I don't count in my image organization issues.



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                            I get the picture. I plan on doing something similar. Another one of my problems is I am simply running out of office space. I'm planning a remodel of this room soon, which I don't look forward to, and hopefully I will get the space I need.


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                              a temporary solution...............

                              right now I have only about a dozen CDs jammed full of images and NO organization at all. I have I-View, and I'm pretty sure it will be useful after I get my images cataloged into specific topics.

                              I made a contact sheet of the images on each CD and put it and the CD in a page protector in a 3-ring binder.

                              it works now, but I know I'm going to have to get better organzied soon.


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