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  • CCdesktop
    Software Question
    by CCdesktop
    Does anyone use Genuine Fractals 2.0 to enlarge images? I have been reading about it, and Adobe offers it in their store.

    It sounds like a good way to transfer files over the web. I don't like to invest in more software, but this one sounds useful. Thanks for any feedback you can ...
    04-03-2002, 04:55 PM
  • greg_d128
    GREYCstoration - Open source denoising algorithms
    by greg_d128
    Cheers everyone,

    I'm an aspiring photographer, still new to the world of photoshop, so I would like to introduce myself. Hopefully by pointing something new and useful. I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this program:
    04-15-2008, 07:13 PM
  • jugegamo
    The best program...
    by jugegamo
    I am sure this has been discussed here a lot of times but once again: hwat is the best software to manipulate photos? I have used Photoimpact (ulead) and photoshop. Is there another one that can ba also used without complexitites?
    11-22-2008, 04:45 PM
  • tom c
    interesting program
    by tom c
    Although I am not in the business....i was reading some very good reviews of a spline program that maybe of some interest to this forum.
    tom c

    ( I pasted this url...hope it works)

    Is this the right...
    01-25-2002, 12:48 AM
  • skydog
    Slideshow program
    by skydog
    I often create slideshows for sport banquets and weddings. I've been using Corel Album 6. The problem with Corel Album 6 is if I sell the slide show the picture jpgs are also included. Is there a slideshow program that converts the jpgs into some other format where the photo cannot be easily extracted...
    09-18-2006, 05:08 PM