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Ottopaths by Human Software: Review

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  • Ottopaths by Human Software: Review

    Prior to the addition of the text warping feature in PS 6, flowing text in creative ways was a difficult process. I purchased this plug-in about a year ago to circumvent the difficulties but.... To begin with, this program does all that it claims to. It simply is not as easy to use or as versitile as one would think from reading the Ads. I found,right off the bat, that the instructions were less than comprehensive and as a result figuring out how the interface worked and didnt work was daunting. Forget the quick application of flowed text. You have to spend some time learning this program and once that has been done, you still have to contend with such things as resolution,the confusing interface and other little items in order to get any decient results. I finally, after 6 months, became so fed up with this plug-in that I sent it to the electronic version of perdition, never to see the light of day in my plug-in menu again. In short, this is a complicated program which didnt save time and was not much fun to use. Save your money would be my suggestion. There must be something better out there. As for me..I have yet another bottle of magic snake oil to add to my collection of useful things like my "In the shell egg scrambler". It is rare that I find a piece of software which I consider to be a total waste of money but this one comes very close. I didnt provide a link for this one as if you are interested enough to track it down, perhaps you have the ability to make it work right. I sure dont. Tom
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    Let me guess, you didn't like this plug in much.

    I never heard of it but now that Photoshop 6 has improved it's text features, this software may be going in the direction you threw it anyway. It's a shame if you paid good money for it only to become frustrated enough to toss it. Glad you took the time to air your views on it before some one else get it uninformed about the difficulties.


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      Dj, It's not the first bottle of "snake oil" which I have talked myself into buying and it wont be the last I suspect. I simply hope that folks reading these reviews will, in some small way, benefit both from the wise and not so wise choices I have made over the fullness of time. Tom