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maintaining image size in photoshop 6 when copying to a new image

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  • maintaining image size in photoshop 6 when copying to a new image

    Hi all,

    Well this is the person attched to the computer with a ball and chain...yes it's been extremely busy the last week or so.

    Need some help to finish a project for a customer.

    In photoshop 6 I have an image open and I need to put a copy of that image onto a new document in photoshop. When I try to select all the image and move or copy it to the new document, the original image size is greatly increased in the new document.

    How can I get a copy of this image onto the new document and have it retain it's size?

    Hope I explained this right.

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    What size is your new document in relation to your image? Do you have other things already in the new document? Could you just do Image->Duplicate and then increase the canvas size (if you need that?) I'm not sure I fully understand what/why you're trying to do this, so don't know if the duplicate will help or not.



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      check the resolutions of your 2 images. If they are not the same then you will have this problem.

      edit--->image size

      If they are different, then your only option is to transform/scale to the correct size once you have copied, unless you can create teh new image with the same res as the orig.



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        sorry all...I knew when I wrote this I probably wasn't making myself clear..LOL.

        Okay the original image is a picture about 3x5 at 200dpi.

        I need to put it on a blank 8x10 size new document in photoshop with 200dpi as the resolution. The new document was set up with a transparent background and there's nothing else on it.


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          If you are putting a 3x5 at 200dpi on to an 8x10 at 200dpi it should work as you want it to. What percent are you viewing the new one at? Sometimes it changes your view size when you move things over. The transparancy of the new document should have no affect on the situation. All I can think of is that maybe you were viewing the new one at 20% and when you moved the new document over it jumped up to 100% and all you saw was the little photo taking up your whole screen. I'm guessing here but this has happened to me before and I got confused at first by it. Let us know what happens.


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            Chris W., Recheck the new document size and the size of the image you want to composit. If they are correct as to dimensions and resolution, and you are still having that problem, the only thing I could suggest would be to save everything, exit PS then reboot. If you have made any changes to your preferences file you might want to delete it on start up ( if a simple exit>reboot program doesnot work) and begin with a fresh preference file. I would try the simple reboot first, create your new 8x10 200 RGB document then see what happens... Sorry I cant be of more help, Let us know what you find out as if this happens to us, we'll be able to seek you out as the wise wizard with the answer! Tom
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              Okay all...I've got it working.

              Don't ask me what I did because I really don't know but as long as it works I can finish this *(&*(@#$&*&#$ job.

              What a nightmare this woman is..the customer from he--.

              Thanks again all I tried all your advice and something I tried definitely worked.


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                Every now and again it seems that the Almighty sends a compilation of the 7 plagues, 4 horsemen, Assyrian Army, and various types of hideous biting insects all rolled into one form disguised as a client, simply to test our ability to restrain ourselves from promulgating great and terrible things upon the wretched creature and howling terrible oaths at the sky. Remember Job, he got a whole bunch of camels as a reward for his patience and suffering...Well perhaps that isnt the best example...Camels tend to spit a lot and smell bad, sort of like one of my neighbors. Tom


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                  You have a way of popping humor into the tread at just the right times. You really get to the heart of the computer frustration problems we all must grin and bare at times.

                  "Patients is a virtue" until some idiot invented the computer. Then it's "virtue be dammed shoot that thing!!!"

                  Hey not a bad solution Chris next time you have that problem.


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                    Tom, you crack me up! Now when I have one of "those" clients, it will be all I can do to keep from laughing in their face.



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