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Painter 8 released for Review

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  • Painter 8 released for Review

    Just a heads up to all you painter fans out there, I may be telling old news to you hardened vets, but as the title of the thread suggests Painter 8 from Corel ( has been released for review, I presume that this means that it's arrival on the shelves can't be very far away.

    I haven't purchased Painter 7, whilst being tempted many times I have always dismissed it as a 'extensive natural media plugin' (a little unfairly maybe ). Still, if Painter 8 is a significant progression, I could be swayed by the awesome array of natural effects.

    Anyway enough of my inane musings, you all just want the link don't you?

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    I've read at other sites that Corel revamped the interface and palettes considerably over P7, making them less intimidating and intuitive (for rookies) and easier to use overall (in theory, anyway). That in and of itself is a real plus.

    Curious that as of today there's nothing on Corel's site about P8. Theirs has got to be one of the lamest "big name" web sites I've ever seen when it comes to marketing their own products. ("Would you like some WHINE with your cheese, sir?"!)

    Appreciated you posting the link, Mike. This should be of interest to many.

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    See THIS THREAD for more info.
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