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    For those of unlimited talent but slightly restricted budgets, try this site to add to your plug-in collection. There are some good freebies here and the cost is just right---as in free! Hint: alot of these can produce some stunning results by using layer masks on duplicate layers. Have fun. The only set of filters here I had some trouble with were " Kangs" --- a couple of them crashed with dismal regularity, but the rest of Kangs worked fine. Tom

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    I had the same trouble with Kang's filters too. I made a list of the ones that crash on you. It's a shame since some of them I thought would be so nice if they worked. The bad ones imediately shut down Photoshop and it get's nasty if you are doing something you didn't save. So here is a list of the ones to use with caution (after saving your file) Actually it would be a good idea to save before using any imported filter just in case. (Personal experience talking here)

    Kang 3:
    Liquid Metal-Liquid You-Liquid You Too-Outlines-Scanners-The Light Eaters-Waxing The Lizard
    Kang 4:
    Emboss Groove-Emboss Inbo-Emboss Krinkle-Silly Dot

    There are still some good ones that work fine and are worth checking out.


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      Thanks Tom I will check it out. I am always looking for new toys and hey the price is right...FREE!



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        Thanks for the specific filters Dj. I wrote them down quite a while ago and promptly lost the list. My acid test for a filter is it's stability--if crashes occur it gets sidelined. While the applicability to restoration work of most of these is hard to see they do have some usefulness in the hands of the creatively inclined. Plus just playing with them is a great way to practice layer techniques, history brush work etc. Tom


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          You're welcome Tom. I thought I should mention the save file precaution because it caught me at the wrong time and I didn't like having to redo some unsaved work. But they were fun to play with and useful too.


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            Thanks to both of you. While I don't really fit the criteria mentioned, I will check out the link. I'm *very* limited in both talent and budget.



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              Ah, I dont believe that for a minute Ed. If I can run the things, you will be able to really do some neat stuff! Besides, at the price, who can resist? Tom


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