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  • Photo-Paint 11 bundle

    If someone were to ask me to name the application I would use if I could not have Photoshop, the first name that would come to mind is Photo-Paint. But it doesn't get much attention because it has come to be seen as a minor player in the Corel Draw Graphic Suite.

    ACD Systems recently signed an agreement with Corel to bundle Photo-Paint 11 with ACD mPower Tools and ACD FotoSlate 2.0. At first I thought this meant it would be free with either of those products, but now I'm thinking it will be a new package. It will be interesting to see what the price is.

    Here is the press release from ACD Systems:

    We apologize, but the page you're looking for has either moved or does not exist. Feeling a bit lost? Back to homepage Feeling adventurous? Try ACDSee today! VIEW ALL FREE TRIALS
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