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  • PSP8 beta

    Anyone playing with the PSP 8 beta? I downloaded it on Tuesday, but haven't really had time to evaluate it yet. They have changed a few things that really bugged me in v7.

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    I've played with the PSP 8 beta, and I love it. They've changed so much that it's almost a new program.

    It takes a little time to find where all the new things are, but it sure is worth it.

    I recently found a tutorial for a neat sig, but when I read it, it used several filters, including some I didn't have. So I decided to see if I could do the same thing with all the tools and filters that are just in PSP 8.

    Took a slight bit more work, but I am pleased with the results.
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      Nice sig! You should turn it into an avatar!

      A very useful feature I've just found in the PSP8 browser is "lossless jpeg rotation", especially useful if you have portrait digicam images.


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