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Need help in PS with default resolution

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  • Need help in PS with default resolution

    I'm currently running PS 7.01, but in the past I recall there was a way to set the default pixel size when you opening up an image.

    i.e. width=11.267 height=16.933 resolution=240

    I faintly remember that you could change the default to open the image instead to whatever you set it at as far as resolution is concerned like instead of the above setting it would open up as:

    width=9.013 height=13.547 resolution=300

    does anybody remember how to set this up for a default?

    Thanks. I should have written this stuff down I guess.....

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    Hi Jon,

    I have to admit, I am confused. If two versions of an image are exactly the same file size (let's say 3mb). One is bigger with a smaller dpi, the other is smaller with a higher dpi, it is the same pixels - just spread over more area or condensed into a smaller area. Both images will be the same size on the computer monitor at 100% because each file's pixel maps to each of the monitor's pixels, same number of pixels = same file size.

    When you open an image it will open with the dimensions and the dpi of whatever it was last saved as.

    We would be glad to help more if we can, Roger


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      I know what you mean and I dont know how to set it. Mine tends to open at 180 instead of 72 for my digital camera photos. You can set individually when you open with the new file command