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Problem with Lighting Effects

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  • Problem with Lighting Effects


    I am using PS7 and Windows XP. All seems just fine except with Filter>Render>Lighting Effects - there are no preset styles in the drop-down menu, and I can't save any style that I create. I always get the message "Error - an error occurred while saving the style"

    In PS Help none of the pages relating to Lighting Effects are available except the "About" page.

    Can anybody help find the missing styles please?


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    Roger, Welcome to RetouchPRO!

    According to Jay Arraich's Photoshop Tips ---

    Your Lighting Effects presets are gone, and you can’t save my own presets.
    This is apparently connected with Windows XP’s Indexing Service.In Explorer, go to the subfolder found at Plugins > Filters > Lighting Styles. Right-click on this folder, and choose Properties. Under the General tab, click Advanced, then check the box that says 'For faster searching, allow Index Service to index this folder. After rebooting your computer, check to see if this has corrected the problem.

    Hope this helps. Have you located the Lighting Effects folder on your drive? Mine is located at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 7.0\Plug-Ins\Filters\Lighting Styles. If your folder is there (or near there), then hopefully this indexing "kink" is the only problem.


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      Problem with lighting effects

      Hi CJ,

      Thanks for the tip - perfect!! Thanks also for the link to Jay Arraich.



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        Roger -- hope that means that it fixed the problem. I don't have XP (yet), so now I'll be prepared.


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          Problem with lighting effects

          Hi CJ,

          Yes, it fixed the problem thanks. We don't need little problems like that when the learning curve is steep enough already!
          Good luck with XP, it is certainly the best OS I've used.



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            Thanks for the link CJ. Some interesting stuff there.

            My only problem with XP was getting the updated drivers for my printer and scanner. Once that was accomplished, everything has been running fine..


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