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  • A different software problem

    Yeah, it's me with another problem. After formatting my hard drive, I re-installed my software. Now when I try to use MS Word or MS Works, it asks me for a 25 digit product key number. I enter the number, but it tells me it is not a valid number (I checked it several times). My computer is a little over a year old, and the software was installed by Dell before it was shipped to me. Any ideas?


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    Ed -- bummer!

    Have you called Dell? I once had a problem reinstalling Adobe PShop with the serial number not being accepted, and called Adobe. The number that showed up in my software lacked the last three digits (and I had mislaid the paperwork with the full number). Adobe asked a couple of questions to verify I was a registered user and gave me the whole number. Perhaps the number you have is NOT the whole number -- might not be the case, but I would think that Dell could still help. How long a wait does it require to contact them?

    Hopefully, someone here will have the easy solution...


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      Thanks for the reply CJ. No, I haven't tried to contact them yet. There are supposed to be 25 digits, and that's what I have. I was hoping someone had an easy answer.



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        I hope there is an easy answer that someone can enlighten us all on, but I think your best bet is to call Dell.



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          Usually when I run into that problem I am putting in a 1 instead of a l or a 0 instead of a O, or vice/versa. Have you checked for those?



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            Hi Ed, I saw this problem discussed on another list, but didn't follow it since I use a Mac, but I found this reference that might shed some light.

            Hope this helps, Margaret


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              I think that's probably a common error. But mine had nothing that could get mixed up in that way. Thanks for the heads-up though.

              Mine is more than a nuisance. I renders my programs completely useless. Thanks for the link. At first I thought it was just what I was looking for.

              I think you're right. I'll have to give Dell a call. Thanks.



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                Hey Ed,

                I ran into this problem before. It seems it's just a precaution that Microsoft takes to prevent others from stealing software.

                Anyway, all I did was call Microsoft, gave them my registration number and I was given instructions on how to activate the product again. Everything will work as before.


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