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  • Dogwaffle

    I just made mention of Dogwaffle in a reply on the NaturePainter thread, and then realized that maybe some people are not familiar with this program. Sooooo...

    Dogwaffle is a low-cost natural media program, that also has a free version. Here is its page:

    A review with screenshots can be found here:

    A Dogwaffle starting place that leads to tutorials, gallaries, etc.

    And then there is always good ol' Google
    Last edited by Andrew B.; 05-31-2003, 08:38 AM.

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    Need to find a program other than PScs
    by DJM
    Hi.Any suggestions for a retouch program other than Pscs. It's to complicated for me and costly. I am doing my ancestry, I want to repair doc's and photo's thats all, just a hobby. Also, are there any reasons for not buying academic versions of a program?
    05-22-2010, 05:52 AM
  • d_kendal
    by d_kendal
    When I bought my computer about 5 months ago, I decided to put more money into the hardware instead of buying lots of expensive software, and waiting until I could afford all the programs I wanted. but actually I ended up only really spening money on the operating system (which was included in the...
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    The best program...
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    I am sure this has been discussed here a lot of times but once again: hwat is the best software to manipulate photos? I have used Photoimpact (ulead) and photoshop. Is there another one that can ba also used without complexitites?
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    Z Brush Review
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    Every now and then a program pops up on the radar screen which simply wont fit into any easy classification, and this is one of them. Let me say at the outset that this program probably has nothing for someone simply interested in restoration. However, for those whose interests also extend to other...
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  • Mike
    by Mike
    I had a customer give me a copy of a program called "Gimp". Its a image manipulation, free program.

    Does anyone have any experiance with this or any comments about it?

    Thanks in advance

    11-25-2002, 09:23 PM