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  • Ulead Art Texture Plugin

    OK here goes. I downloaded this free plugin from Ulead and decided to follow Tom's example and share my experiences with you all. First of all it is totally free and pretty neat. Download page is here
    It is very easy to learn and the interface is simple to understand. The program basically creates colorful patterns for backgrounds or animations.

    For restoration use it's not something I would need to buy but since it is free I can definately see some potential in adding an artistic background to photos or used with other filters and blend modes it creates infinate possibilities with very interesting results.

    The color combinations are infinate as are the pattern designs. By selecting up to 20 templates you can create more and more complex geometric patterns. You can also create a story board for animation to be used in web design or screen saver. And with a wraparound feature you can create a morphing effect to your animation.

    There's potential there if you have an imagination and the price makes it worth checking out. It worked real well with Photoshop and the site also has another freebee that is probably more related to what we do called Ulead Photo Explorer. However I haven't tried that one so if someone does, let us know how it is.

    Forgot to mention that this site has a collection of totally free stock photos also.
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    Thanks Debbie. Nice job of letting us know what the program does. I did look at the tutorial for Photo Explorer, but didn't download it because I doubt I would use it. But the price is right for someone who might get some use out of it. Thanks again.



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      Cool!!! And it Works!!! Thanks Dj, I downloaded and installed it without any problem and I can definately see possibilities, especially using it to create patterns on a blank layer over the background and playing with layer mask/gradient combinations. Thanks again---and I didnt have to virtually hurt myself to get a new toy!!! Tom


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        Thanks Ed and glad you like it Tom. It sure is easy on the bank account. Like I said, I wouldn't have paid for it because it isn't necessary to what I do but for free it is excellent.

        Oh in one of your other posts on software reviews, I mentioned it was a full version trial for only 15 days. I had downloaded it from another site and got the trial version. When I clicked on the buy now to see what the cost was for this review, I found out they made it freeware and got the full version. Just thought I would clear up that statement incase anyone caught that.


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          Art Texture Doesn't work

          I tried using Ulead's Art Texture and it doesn't seem to work for me. I get no color in the palettes, only black and white. I uninstalled and re-installed several times but no luck. Is there a special way to install this plugin that I'm not aware of?


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            Originally posted by PlainBetty
            I tried using Ulead's Art Texture and it doesn't seem to work for me. I get no color in the palettes, only black and white. I uninstalled and re-installed several times but no luck. Is there a special way to install this plugin that I'm not aware of?
            Hi PB...

            Welcome to RetouchPRO.

            Into what program are you trying to install this plugin? The reason I ask is if you're using, say, Photoshop CS, it might not be CS compatible.

            Update: Just checked the Ulead site. It doesn't say anything about not being CS compatible.

            Are you running Windows XP?

            Per the ReadME: "...FantasyWarp.Plugin and ArtTexture.Plugin work with Adobe Photoshop 3.x/4.x, JASC Paint Shop Pro 4.1+, Microsoft Image Composer 1.5, Corel Photo Paint 6.0,"

   this is pretty old (as plugins go) software.

            FWIW: It's working OK with PS 7 under Windows 2000.

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