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Neat Image v2 plugin and noise reduction

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  • Neat Image v2 plugin and noise reduction

    If you haven't had the opportunity to try the latest version of Neat Image (version 2, which includes a Photoshop compatible plug-in), it's sure worth a look. Results-wise, I'm hearing it's as good as (or better than) Grain Surgery for a whole lot less $$. For existing users of Neat Image, upgrade options are available.

    See for more info.

    ==> While you're at it check out this thread that will link you to an EXCELLENT tutorial written by one of the beta testers, "VG" from
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    Hi Danny!

    Thank you very much for the tip!
    I've been using the demo version of Neat Image since quite a while now ... and it never let me down .... So ... I'm very curious to see what the new version can do!


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      Hi Fishboy,

      You are right there about the sometimes frustrating slowness of Neat Image, but, from your words, I understand that with the new version they took care of that ...

      For the rest, I find it just wonderful ... well, I can't compare it with anything else because since using it for the first time I didn't even look for anything else ... It did exactly and perfectly what I needed ...


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        So those of you that are investing in neat image are you purchasing the Home, Pro, or Pro+ version?

        Also what is the advantage of image processing 16 bits/channel (48-bit RGB, 16-bit Grayscale) as that seems to be the big difference between Home and Pro level.



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          Neat Image questions answered...

          I beta test for NI so I can answer some of the questions asked.
          As to speed and quality between 8 or 16bit:
          Speed should normally be the same except in case when RAM is
          relatively small to accomodate double-sized 16-bit image as
          compared with 8-bit one.

          Quality is higher in 16 bits because 16 bits can keep more
          useful information. One of the benefits is also considerably
          weaker banding in 16-bit outputs. Sometimes banding can be
          visible in 8-bit output depending on image and filter settings.
          Also, the newer versions have had code enhancements for overall stability and processing speed although it still takes time.

          The different versions are designed to meet the needs of varying levels of use. As a professional digital imager, I do a lot of my work in Photoshop in 16bit mode and so the Pro plugin version is indispensable.

          The NI team are unbelievable when it comes to response about their product. They listen and incorporate usable ideas from users so feel free to let them know what you want.


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            Thanks for the quick reply and info!



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