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    I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going goofy! This is the first time I experienced this, and I would like to know if anyone else has seen this before. I have an old photo of my wife when she graduated from 8th grade. The photo was beat up, cracked, faded unevenly, and came complete with a very poor background (school basement with chairs, tables, etc.). I was able to restore her to a decent degree, and I put her on a new background. I'm working on the image, and everything is fine. After changing the image size for output, I viewed it at 100%, and everything looked good. When I viewed it at print size, there was a definite distortion seen in her face. Viewed at larger or smaller than print size looked good, but every time I viewed it at print size, the distortion was evident. I have two different files of this image, and distortion appears on both at print size. Any ideas? I haven't printed it yet. Maybe I should print it to see if there's distortion on the actual print??


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    That is strange. I never had a problem like that. Is this the first time you noticed this? I would say print it and see what you get. If it's ok then just remember that and don't worry when you print. If not then you need to find out what's going on.


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      Well, your goofiness is an entirely different subject, but can you capture the distortion and upload examples? Try a screenshot if you can't recreate it simply by upsizing.
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        That may be just an artifact from the way your video card displays at that particular resolution. I have seen similar distortions which disappear when the "zoom factor" is changed. Try a print, I suspect it will come out OK. Tom


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          Thanks for the replies. This was the first time I noticed it. I did print the image, and it printed just fine. Does making a screen shot require special software? I wouldn't know how to do it.



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            For a screen capture press SHIFT, ALT, PRINT SCREEN at the same time. This puts the image on your clipboard. Then go to your photo program or whatever program you want to paste the image to and select paste.



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              Thanks for the help. I'm *anything* but a computer guru.



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