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    Anyone here have any experience with Picture Window Pro? From the extensive tutorials and detailed examples and essays at the link below, this $89 program looks like it has many many features that I certainly do not see in PSE (even with Hidden Tools) and not in PSP8. I do not have PS7, but if all of the capabilities are the same but the former is almost 10x the price of the latter, what am I missing in the logic of which to get?

    Something must be missing from this story.

    Any comments from experienced folks?


    Link: (just stroll around this site---it was mentioned in another thread here on ReTouchPro so it is probably familiar to a lot of you).

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    It's been awhile since I reviewed it, and it's probably much more advance now. But I recall it as having a lot of nice features, but not supporting layers or alpha channels, which pretty much kills it for most photo work.

    Here's my original review, which, as I said, is probably very dated now.
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      There are people in the CompuServe photography forums that use it. You might want to ask over there.

      You will have to join CompuServe to post, but it is free to join.


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        Picture Window Pro 3.5

        I am fairly new to processing digital photos. I got Photoshop Elements in May and have been slogging through the manual and one other book. A few weeks ago I downloaded the evaulation copy of PWP3.1. I also downloaded the manual. I used it for a week and bought the new PWP3.5. I like it and will probably stick with it.

        It isn't Photoshop and isn't intended to be. In fact, some of the complaints in the review I read were that it doesn't use Photoshop plugins or accept Photoshop file format. It also complained that there were no layers but PWP uses masks. Simply a different paradigm.

        If you want to produce quality photos I think PWP works fine. If you want to creat graphic arts stick with Photoshop.