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    FocalBlade plugin is a sharpener that distinguishes itself by using a mask to let you sharpen the edge and surface separately. It also gives you the ability to sharpen the edge and smooth the surface at the same time. The edge mask is generated by FocalBlade, but the user has the option of adjusting the mask's smoothness, intensity, etc. -- or sharpening without it.

    FocalBlade also controls halos. The Compensate feature (which can be turned off) automatically controls this as you work. Two sliders are also available to counter black or white halos, if they occur. In my testing I didn't need to touch the sliders unless I was over-boosting as part of a photoart effect.

    In addition to sharpening, FocalBlade has desharpening tools. And though they might seem like extra bells and whistles at first, they are actually very useful tools. It is very time-saving to do Gaussian blur or Median with an adjustable mask and live preview. And the soft-focus feature is not simply a blur tool.

    FocalBlade can function in several modes. For example, the Novice Mode lets the user sharpen by using a short pick-list to describe three aspects of the photo. And there are a few modes in between this and expert mode. The preview screen has modes as well that allow you to split the screen into before and after views, or several levels of correction.

    If that is not enough, we also find a few goodies in there. You can add a glow that follows the edge mask. There are several modes for viewing the edge mask directly or overlayed on the photo, and you can render these views to a layer. This means Focal Blade can make edge masks for other uses, or save a combination image as a special effect. And these combination images can be the basis of sketches and painting effects.

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    focal blade, color washer

    I'm thinking about buying these (ColorWasher, Focal Blade) from the Plugin Site to use with Corel PhotoPaint 9.

    Does anyone else have an opinion about either/both of them?




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      There are demo versions of both, so you could easily try these before you buy.

      BTW, I have both and like both. If you have any specific questions I'll try to answer them.


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        focal blade, color washer

        I don't know about specific. Focal Blade sounds like something that would be useful to me.

        I'm having problems figuring out how to match scanner/monitor colours with what finally comes out of the printer. I'm wondering if ColorWasher will be helpful in that area.



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          Re: focal blade, color washer

          Originally posted by jlf2446
          I'm having problems figuring out how to match scanner/monitor colours with what finally comes out of the printer. I'm wondering if ColorWasher will be helpful in that area.
          ColorWasher doesn't deal with this. You need to set up your printer profile so PhotoPaint knows how to translate its output to match the individuality of your printer. Look in your help file for things like "color management" or "printer profiles" to see more about this. Unfortunaly, I can't explain the specifics for Photo-Paint because I don't have it loaded on my computer.


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            Just thought I'd add this in case it helps you decide.

            There is a review for ColorWasher and FocalBlade here. And one that covers only FocalBlade here


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              That's what I was looking for. Good photo web sites.
              I lost track of The Luminous Landscape when I changed computers.

              Not to say that RetouchPro isn't a good photo web site, but I think Luminous Landscape is probably the best.

              I think I'll probably buy both of those plugins.




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