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Upgrade from Elements to Photoshop

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  • Upgrade from Elements to Photoshop

    It says it's a Microtek deal, but I hear you can actually use any registered Elements serial number.

    View here
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    YES YES YES!!!

    It works. Just scored PS7 for $300! I bought Elements several months ago at Costco ($30 after all the rebates were done). The Elements serial# went right through at the above link. I was still skeptical so I called Adobe cust. support and told them I was not a Microtek customer. They said all good!

    Peace and good edits,


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      The Photoshop CS version of this deal has been posted at

      Worth a try if you already own Elements.
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        Grrr <rant on>"Offer valid in the U.S. and Canada only." Why are these things always valid in the US and Canada only? Well, actually I can understand why each individual offer is valid in the US and Canada only, so I suppose my question is WHY DO WE NEVER GET EQUIVALENT OFFERS IN THE REST OF THE WORLD???<rant off>

        OK, I feel better now...


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          Well, the most obvious answer is because that link is from the US/Canadian website. But that doesn't find an equivalent one on for you. That will be up to you (make sure you report back)

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            Ohhh dearie me no . The UK site only appears to recognise the existence of the Acrobat family of products and certainly doesn't contain anything so vulgar as special offers (I did check that before going into rant mode). Like I said, I can see why each individual offer is US and Canada specific, but not why we never get them too.


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              I suspect a worldwide marketing conspiracy. I checked on the European Microtek site, as well, and they offer no promotions of any sort, either.

              Maybe you just need 300 million more people
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                Maybe I could just try running around very fast and hoping I look like 300 million extra people...


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                  Hey, it works for Bugs Bunny
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