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Is there a new version of PhotoShop around the corner?

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  • Is there a new version of PhotoShop around the corner?

    I have pretty much abandoned my desktop computer in favor of my laptop. I have PhotoShop v6 but it only runs on OS 9, and the laptop is running OS 10.2.6.

    I could run PhotoShop on the laptop in classic mode, but it's a kludge and causes all sorts of problems.

    I bought PhotoShop Elements - and I know I can do a lot with it, but I really want PhotoShop.

    So here's my question: do I upgrade to v7 now or is there a new version close to release that I should wait for??

    Thanks, Margaret

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    The RUMOR (thats RUMOR remember) is before the end of the year...
    Cain't prove it, will not take the blame if it does not happen, in other words use this info at your own risk



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      Hi Margaret,

      Check this out.
      PS8 Info



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        Thanks for the links - it looks like Apple has some new goodies up their sleeves as well. I can hardly wait.

        I think I'll wait for version 8. In the meantime, I can amuse myself with learning how to use my new camera.

        My poor retirement fund is taking a beating......

        Take care



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          The standard answer is "Anyone who knows, can't tell. Anyone who tells, can't know."

          We all know it's in development. Many of us know beta testers, who often let things slip (usually by what they DON'T say), but even that only narrows it down to a 6-month period.

          New features have been demonstrated at Photoshop World and Photoshop User Group meetings, but always with a 'these features are in development, but may never ship' disclaimers.


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