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    Has anyone here used Genuine Fractals? I am using it to enlarge some photos I have. I was under the impression that it was supposed to enlarge the photo without showing any distortion in the photo caused from the enlargement or compression of the photo. I found this not to be true. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I thought maybe someone here could please help me out with this. I am using Genuine Fractals Print Pro v3.0. Any help you can give to me would be greatly appreciated.

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    How much are you trying to enlarge you image?

    Unfortunately, you can never create pixels that would have been there if the photo had been taken at the higher resolution. You can only approximate. Various techniques do the job better than others. For example the PS supplied bicubic spline is better than linear interpolation at the expense of increased computation. Fractals are "usually" better than bicubic, again at increased complexity and computation cost. However, they all have their limits.

    Having said that, ThomasGeorge seems to have used this program a lot. Check out this thread.


    I would PM him.

    Good Luck,

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    • #3 can never create pixels that would have been there if the photo had been taken at the higher resolution...
      That was very well put.



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