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Photoshop 8 on the horizon?

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  • Photoshop 8 on the horizon?

    You've heard the rumors. Here's more fuel for the fire (article written 8/11/03, from CNET):

    - - - - - -

    When PS8 comes out (finally), how long will it take for you to buy it? (Take the poll.)
    60 days or less.
    Somewhere in the 2-6 month range.
    6-12 months.
    Longer than a year, if ever.

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    Two weeks before it becomes available


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      I voted "Longer than a year, if ever." but at this point I'm really not sure, I'll be waiting to see what the final new feature set is, and to hear the reviews of anybody who's got it. At this point, PS7 definitely fulfils my needs, so the most likely possibility is that I'll be waiting for the PS 9 before I upgrade.. (although those filter layers are sounding very attractive!!)

      - David


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        I doubt I'll be in the market for PS8. 7 works for me.



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          Just noticed something interesting as I was surfing for Phothshop books announced, but not yet available at (Search books using keyword "photoshop" -- then change the sort order to "by publication date" which will display them starting with the one whose publication date is farthest in the future.)

          November 2003 is the specified "date of availability" of a couple titles that look interesting: Photoshop X Bible -- Deke McClelland, and Hidden Secrets of Photoshop X (not [/u]"Photoshop Elements") by none other than RetouchPRO forum moderator, Richard Lynch.

          Historically an "X" has been used as a placeholder in titles that is eventually be replaced by a number. Since Deke's Photoshop 7 Bible (two versions, in fact) have been out for quite some time, my bet is the "X" will be replaced by an "8" when PS 8 is announced.

          More fuel for the fire!

          My .02 regarding whether to or not to upgrade: In a nutshell, ya can't lose.

          One should upgrade to gain acccess to functionality or new ease of use features that improve throughput/productivity (read: efficiency and hopefully the bottom line) and/or the ability to deliver products or services that customers want (and are willing to pay for). Note: Don't construe this as only applying to those using Photoshop for business or commercial endeavors. If you use PS for entertainment or hobby purposes, you get to define what's important to you. "You" can be your own customer.

          There's no harm (and certainly a lot of good sense) in making a decision to stay with what you've got because (a) it works and (b) perhaps more importantly, works for you.

          In this case there's no right or wrong answer among the options. The choice that works for you is the right answer.

          The watch continues...It's great to have options, isn't it?



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            I'm looking forward to it's capability of working with RAW image files. You can get the Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw & JPEG 2000 plug-in bundle separately right now, but it will come with PhotoShop 8, so I plan to wait until then.


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