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    Am I correct in assuming Vuescan will run on two scanners connected to the same PC. I picked up a new Hp scanner mainly for shunting paper but just for interest sake I've left the old one (Epson 1200) hooked up. Ones scsi and the other USB. I thought of comparing scans through a third party scanner program. That alas has fallen through as Mr Vuescan tells me it isn't configured for the HP yet. I'll hang on until its sorted.

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    I dont think that vuescan will prove to be too versitile. You will probably have to get software for each device in order to get good results. At least that's been my limited experience. Good luck, Tom


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      Ok Tom, its pointless running two seperate in house scanning programs for comparison. I'll have a float about and see whats available.


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        My experience is that Vuescan does work on multiple scanners hooked up to the same PC. You have to have the scanner drivers installed, but I've used Vuescan on my HP6200/USB and my Minolta Scan Elite film scanner/SCSI both hooked up at the same time. I've also hooked up a Microtek Scanmaker 4/SCSI and Epson 636/SCSI at various times (having physically disconnected the HP6200 because of lack of desktop real estate, but leaving the drivers and other SW installed) and used Vuescan successfully with all of them. I can't remember which HP scanner you just got, but perhaps it isn't supported by Vuescan yet. Once it is, you should be able to use it on multiple scanners hooked up to the same machine just fine - as long as all of the scanners are supported by Vuescan.



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